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 One of "Scotland's Top Wellness Retreats" - Scottish Field Magazine

We invite you into this sacred space, that we may together remember and weave our ancient starlight presence upon our crystalline Earth.


  • Shamanic Journeys and Transformational Retreats

    Shamanic Journeys and Transformational Retreats

    In the Scottish Highlands

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  • Ancient Wisdom and Juice Fast Retreats

    Ancient Wisdom and Juice Fast Retreats

    In the Wilds of Dartmoor, Devon

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  • Shamanic Healing

    Shamanic Healing

    For riding the waves of life...

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  • Energy Healing

    Energy Healing

    Clear and re-attune with your Essence

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  • Shamanic Journeys and Transformational Retreats

    Shamanic Journeys and Transformational Retreats

    In the Scottish Highlands

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  • Sound Healing

    Sound Healing

    An immersion into sacred space and sound medicine

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  • Yoga and Meditation

    Yoga and Meditation

    Calm your mind. Open your heart

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  • Shamanic Bodywork & Healing Massage

    Shamanic Bodywork & Healing Massage

    Reconnect with your essence

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All life is energetically woven together as strands of a great web. Every living being is connected to the whole of Creation by these living strands of light. When one is out of balance, it affects the whole, like a string of an instrument that plays out of tune, or a piece of thread coming loose, creating a tear in the fabric.

We are intricately connected to each other, and to this living Earth. Every breath we breathe is a sacred breath, a living force that breathes life into everything and everyone. Everything we think, speak and do ripples out throughout the web of creation. We therefore carry a sacred responsibility for our thoughts, our words and our actions.

Our Earth is being destroyed and is suffering, and this is the reflection and consequence of our inner and outer actions, as a species. In our essence, we are made of light - we are seeded and given life and a sacred purpose or function. When we use energy in ways that are disharmonious with the sacred principles of life, our life energy begins to dim and we experience a sense of disconnection, or dis-ease. This disharmony manifests over time as sickness, a restlessness within, a closing of the heart, or a sense of longing for something we know of deep inside, yet touch little in this world, so filled with distractions.

Many of the challenges and illnesses we face today both personally and collectively, are the result of living in a way that is disconnected from our Origins, and out of tune with Nature.

In order to return to a harmonious state (our true nature), it is necessary to recognise and understand how and why we have moved out of balance, and do the work to clear, resolve, re-balance and change; re-connecting with our Earth in a relationship of sacred reciprocity.

The greatest gift that each one of us can offer is to live within the heart – and emanate the pure, unique expression and light of our soul, in harmony with creation. This is a journey back to our centre.. awakening to who we truly are and where we come from.

We invite you to join us upon a journey of returning to the heart.



Healing - Our Return to Wholeness

Since ancient times certain indigenous peoples have carried and preserved the knowledge of the ways of living in harmony and sacred relationship with Nature, humanity and the spiritual realms. These teachings have been guarded and protected, and passed down through ancestral lines for thousands of years. This is the law of origin, or original instructions, that were given to us by our Creator - the sacred ceremonies, practices and wisdom that create and return us to harmony and balance. This wisdom is something we may all recognise intuitively as it is born of the essence of all life, and lives within each one of us. 

 "Our heart knows what our mind has forgotten — it knows the sacred that is within all that exists, and through a depth of feeling we can once again experience this connection, this belonging..

The Earth needs both physical and spiritual attention and awareness, our acts and prayers, our hands and hearts. Life is a self-sustaining organic whole of which we are a part, and once we reconnect with this whole we can find a different way to live—one that is not based upon a need for continual distraction and the illusions of material fulfillment, but rather a way to live that is sustaining for the whole. And this way to live in harmony with all of creation has at its core a remembrance, an awareness, of the sacred nature of creation, which is also our own sacred nature.

May we remember our role as guardians of the Earth, custodian of its sacred ways, and return once again to live in harmony with its natural rhythms and laws." ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee




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