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Starlight Soul Shamanic Healing

"To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless endeavor that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.” - Carlos Casteneda


Jody BergsmaStarlight Soul Shamanic Healing is a journey of reawakening to our true, original nature and our sacred​ ​place within Creation.​ ​It is a journey of peeling back the layers of the false self, bringing into the light our inner shadows, so that our starlight essence may shine in its radiance, in loving relationship with Mother Earth, our ancestors and our Creator. 

The shamanic ways are the ancient teachings and principles handed to us in the beginnings. They are the pathways that guide us through the realms of earth and spirit, the principles that keep the threads of the web of life held together in balance and harmony. In the beginnings, we, humanity, were given the Original Instructions, the laws of life to follow in order to maintain balance through sacred reciprocity and thanks giving, and the practices and ceremonies that help us to restore ourselves when we journey off our starlit paths, succumbing to the traps of ego and the darkness.

When we move out of alignment with our sacred contracts, when we stop living in ways that contribute to life and feed our beautiful soul energies back into Nature, we create and experience for ourselves disharmony, suffering, illness or a sense of disconnection, that we may not understand but feel somewhere deep inside.

Working with awareness, analysis, the kingdoms of Nature and luminous beings of the subtle 'unseen' realms, we can use shamanic tools to bring back into balance that which has become disharmonious with Nature and our true nature.

In these sessions, we embark on a journey together, to illuminate and transform the​ ​conditioned imprints, negative tendencies and dysfunctional behaviours, bringing into awareness that which is unconscious, unseen and self sabotaging - to see oneself and ones life with the vision of the eagle from above, and the sight of the little mouse that see's all the fine details - held in a sacred container with compassion, truthfulness and love.

Through this process, a realignment with our ancient heritage as children of the great Mother begins, helping us to navigate our life's path towards the fulfilment our soul's contract and sacred purpose in this lifetime.

If you feel your life is stuck or are looking to shed the old 'skins', situations or relationships that are bearing heavy on your heart, this work can help to clear the subtle, negative energies that enter us when we are depressed, traumatised, suffering from addictions, or engaging in non-virtuous behaviours that stain our soul.

These sessions are a journey​ ​of shedding the (metaphoric) dragon skin, so that the crystalline essence of your being can reveal itself and begin to walk again as a son or daughter of Mother Earth.

Each session is unique and may include ancient wisdom teachings, self inquiry, recapitualtion, energy work, clearing of the chakras, guided meditations, shamanic journeying, energeitc transmissions, practices to work with and integrate into your life, suggestions for diet and natural ways to detoxify, cleanse and nourish.​​ This work is a pathway for restoration, helping us to remember who we truly are, how to love and respect oursel​ves​ and ​cultivate harmonious relationships with the natural world.

As a guide in this work, our role is to serve as a mirror which offers a reflection through which you may see yourself more clearly, and bring awareness to that which lies in the unconscious.. revealing the light within the shadows, and your ancient starlight to shine.​

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This work offered in 60 - 90 min slots, recommended
once a week or fortnight in a series of sessions, as required. 

 Sessions are offered through Skype/phone and in person (when available)

​Please contact us for a ​FREE introductory consultation to ​see if we are suited to work together​


Artwork - "Lucas Lima" (wolves) and "Hidden Spirit" by Jody Bergsma 











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