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Detox and Healing Retreats


Yoga-Detox-RetreatsCleansing and detoxification is a vital part of our health and wellbeing. 

We offer a range of detox retreats and programs to support you to transform, heal and create new, healthier, more vibrant pathways in your life. Our retreats are offered in England, Scotland and Europe, as group retreats or private bookings:

- Yoga, Healing & Detox Retreats 

- Personal Detox Retreats and Programs 

This is an opportunity to work with a cleanse/detox program within a harmonious, supportive setting and receive guidance on continuing your journey towards vibrant health and spiritual wellbeing.

The retreats include yoga and/or meditation in the morning and evening, high vibrational organic raw foods and smoothies with the option of taking a juice fast only, talks and guidance on cleansing, detoxifying and purification on the physical and spiritual levels all set in peaceful, beautiful venues surrounded by Nature. You will learn profound and powerful practices to awaken the natural unfolding of your body’s innate healing abilities and be inspired to continue your journey of vibrant, natural living.

All our produce is fresh, organic, local grown where possible, high in antioxidants and alkalising for the body. Adjustments can be made for those who wish to fast - guidance and support will be provided. Individual massage and bodywork sessions, as well as optional detox optimisation package of bowel cleanse/castor oil pack/enema kits are available, and can be booked in advance of the retreat.

Why detox?

In the world today we are faced with the challenge of awakening and returning to ways of living that are in harmony with Nature, and with what truly creates and sustains health.

Our world and our inner worlds have become contaminated in many ways, and just as we see the build up of pollution in the world, our bodies may also accumulate a build up of toxins and dis-ease within its system. Over time, this toxicity can lead to oversensitivity to certain foods, weight gain, sluggishness, inflammation, pain, infections, ailments, disease, loss of vitality and sense of wellbeing, and a clouding of clarity and energetic luminosity. Our bodies can become toxic in many ways: through our food and drink, the air we breathe, what we put on our skin; heavy metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, our environment, unresolved trauma, emotional disturbance and perhaps above all, negative or restrictive thinking patterns.

Everything is vibration, and that which vibrates at denser frequencies than our optimum state of health will create imbalance and disharmony within our system over time. As we detox our body and bring in pure, foods, fluids and prana (life force energy), our vibration is lifted and we begin to resonate at clearer, more refined frequencies, allowing more light to flow through us and be held within our cells.

The experiences of our life are stored within our body, until we are able to release and clear them. To truly detox, it is necessary to look at and address all areas of our life and ways of being that are toxic, and take action to cleanse and clear the things that we are giving energy to that are not complementary to our health and radiance.

During a detoxification process, as the physical body begins to purify and heal itself, layers of toxicity that have been stored within the muscles, tissues, bones and cells are brought to the surface and are given space to be cleared. The process of detoxification allows us to naturally heal and address experiences from past events where we have unresolved emotions, thoughts, woundings and soul loss.

The process of a well managed cleansing program helps to release and eliminate unwanted toxins in a safe way, giving you clarity and inspiration to walk forwards in your life in a new way. Detoxification helps the body to heal itself as nature intended; cleansing and repairing your beautiful body, helping to restore health, a sense of wellness and the true natural radiance of your inner being.

For dates and locations please see our events page or contact us for details of private retreats. 

"Thank you Daniela from my heart for an inspiring, eye opening retreat. It was challenging at times to look at the things inside myself that were uncomfortable and ‘ugly’, but now I can understand that it is through treating myself with compassion and being willing to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions that I am able to change and become who I really want to be. I feel so much clearer after the detox too, my body feels lighter, my mind calmer and clearer, and I feel very inspired with all the recipes and new things to try to continue to eat healthily and look after my body properly. I also really liked how you talked about nourishing the soul and feeding the mind in a good way, so that our energy is directed towards light rather than darkness. I am so grateful to have met you and am feeling excited sharing all this information with my family – if everyone could experience this the world would be a different place! Thank you so much" - Anna, Edinburgh

"Again, thank you so much for letting me join the retreat and I cannot emphasize enough at how a profound an effect your work has had on me. Thank you for being there, for answering my questions and for letting me learn from you – I feel so many positive effects, and have so much more clarity (which I so craved), that I can hardly believe that it is happening and on an occasion worry that I'll wake up one day and will feel like I used to. A friend of mine is saying that I have inspired her to try out going living raw too – and told her family about it and her family is also on board. This is how your beautiful work is flowing through the world! Please please do not ever stop :)" - N, London

"Nurturing the soul retreat was my first experience of an entire weekend dedicated to yoga, healing and self improvement. Not only was I touched by my deepening yoga practice, but by Daniela's soothing, encouraging and playful voice and her healing hands, moving to adjust my postures and encourage self challenge. My intention for the weekend was to nurture my relationship with food, which has blossomed following a weekend of high vibrational soups, salads and smoothies. Daniela is a wonderful being and i miss her presence and energy, I wish I could bottle her up to keep her with me. I am eagerly awaiting her next retreat..." - Hazel, Kent

"My personal experience of the weekend was very fulfilling, I enjoyed learning more in depth not only the yoga from a physical perspective but the meditation was of great interest to me, as part of my daily principals, meditation plays a great part in my well being and balance with life. Watching the DVD on Aluna and want it means, really did help to bring together the practices we had been a part of. It is with an open mind and willingness that I came on this weekend, and I have taken away new skills that I can bring into my daily life. I would highly recommend this weekend to my friends and feel it a great privilege to have been a part of it. God Bless." - Jaqueline, Surrey

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