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The Beautiful Ritual of Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage​Hot Stone Massage is a healing art, drawing from the wisdom of traditional healers and ancient bodywork practices. It uses heated Basalt lava and jasper stones, essential oils and rich plant fats, to help create deep states of physical relaxation, mental and emotional harmony. It is a deeply relaxing and blissful gift to receive.

Heated stones have been used for healing and massage for thousands of years by healers and indigenous peoples of the America's, Polynesia, Europe, Asia, as well as others. Working with the elements in this way can create a deep space for healing and is also very soothing and replenishing.

​Special basalt (lava​)​ stones​ that have been ​made round and ​smoot​h​ over thousands of years by water. are used in this bodywork. The stones are heated in hot water, anointed with oil, then laid over energy points on the body. Larger stones are then used to massage ​​the body with long flowing strokes​ and deepening pressure to allow the heat to penetrate into the muscles and bones.

Cold stones are at times used for areas of deeper tension or pain. This hot - cold ​alternation is very effective for releasing tension, stress and pain, and has been used as a healing practice for thousands of years. ​ ​Too much heat can ​tire and drain the body​, and a​ few cold stones included in the treatment are enough to bring balance and healing​, also helping to reduce inflammation, assisting detoxification and releasing of deep muscular tension.​

​Working with rock and stone (earth), fire (heat), plant oils (scent), beautiful music (sound), breath (air), and the energy of the heart (spirit) this healing hot stones massage is a full body, sensory experience. It is a beautiful ritual to help the release of emotions, mental overstimulation, tension and congestion; calming the nervous system​, improving the circulation and cleansing the body; helping to soften stress, anxiety, tension, shoulder and back pain, inflammation, insomnia and depression...

Hot Stones Massage

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