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Lomi Healing Massage

Jody Bergsma 3“Lomi lomi (massage) means the loving touch, a connection between heart, hand and soul with the Source of all life. The purpose is to revive the body, to move blood and lymph, to open spasms and remove waste materials from muscles and connective tissue. If your hands are present and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart and the Lord’s healing will flow through you both.” - Aunty Margaret Machado

 L​ike the rivers that flow, formed of the rains from sky to mountains, across the land and back to the ocean, Lomi massage is the dance of water, the ebb and ​flow of the tides, a prayer of healing, a nurturing touch from loving hands, the breath of life and warmth of the heart.

Rooted in ancient Polynesian healing arts, Lomi Healing Massage is offered within a sacred space; using plant extracts, essential oils, long flowing wave like massage strokes and circular movements, with a gentle, soothing touch.

​Deeply relaxing and healing, to receive a Lomi Healing Massage is like being washed by the warm waves of the ocean​, each wave inviting the body to surrender and let go, to relase tensions, stress, emotions and thoughts and to journey into visionary realms and states of harmony, peace and rest.

When the body/mind lets go and softens into stillness and rest, self healing and transformation begin to unfold. Only after the old leaves have dropped away, do the new buds and flowers blossom...

"The mystical foundations of this work provide a vehicle for our own transformation. Its aim is to bring us back to our natural selves — deeply connected with our innate intelligence, the wisdom of Nature, and our communion with Spirit. It is in releasing resistance, and opening to our deepest Self, that the beautiful 'by-product' of Lomi Lomi Nui emerges. We move forward with Grace and Beauty and our life soars." - Jody Mountain


Spirit of Healing Massage Yoga

 Artwork - "Love Can Build A Bridge" by Jody Bergsma

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