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Pregnancy Massage - Healing Massage for Mummy and Baby



It is a great honour to give massage during this most special and sacred time of pregnancy..

This massage is an offering of love, tailored to each womans needs, helping mummy and baby to relax and relase tension; to banace the system in preparation for birth and motherhood.

In accordance with what is comfortable with you, Daniela will work on the whole body, giving attention to areas that may feel stiff, inflamed, achey - encouraging the fluids to flow and move through the body, and a sense of space to open as muscles relax and let go. This is a time for nurturing woman - honouring your journey as a mother, and the soul that you are carrying within your womb.

Healing work may be combined within these sessions, working to clear and let go of patterns and tendencies that you may wish to release, and understanding more deeply the currents that may be arising witin you. pregnancy-massage-2

These sessions are held within our therapy space, or in your home, creating a soothing environment using sound therapy and gentle essential oils. 

For those with 'high risk' pregnancy, this massage can help to ease and relax your body and mind. We do however also advise that you see a Doula, Craniosacral Therapist or Acupunturist specialising in obstetrics for assistance and integral support -  and for any woman these can be highly commplementary in the journey through pregnancy and beyond.

Gift Vouchers are avaiable for those who would like to offer this massage blessing to someone special in your life..

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