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Yoga and Meditation retreats in the South of England and Scotland

These retreats are a time where we come together to practice yoga, meditation and pranayama, working with elements of healing traditions and our connection with Nature. This is a sacred practice, and an opportunity to be immersed within a way of living that can support true nurturing from within. The classes, focus, discussions, and the food we eat will all reflect this.

Through yoga we work through the many layers of holding and resistance within the body and mind, offering you the space to open and develop a deeper connection within. For those with experience in yoga, this is an opportunity to go deeper into your practice, your awareness and sensitivity. For those with little experience, or who are new to yoga, it is a beautiful opportunity to step in to yoga, beginning as we always do, from right where we are.

There are 5 sessions of yoga and meditation over the weekend retreats (2 sessions per day on longer retreats), guided walks to connect with the land and learn about some of the local medicinal plants and trees, talks on diet and healing, time for reflection and sharing of the heart. All meals are organic, vegan and gluten free. This is time to nurture the soul, open the heart, and nourish the body with high vibrational foods and prana.


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For dates and locations please see our events page or contact us

"Daniela's style of teaching yoga is gentle and intuitive. Her classes have taught me to listen within, allowing the breath of life to move me and move through me. Exploring through asana, breathwork, readings and meditation the deep stillness and silence of the soul, Daniela shares her wealth of personal experience and expertise in her classes and workshops." - Sally, Yoga Teacher, Sussex

"The crystal bowl, sound healing session was an experience I will never forget, it lifted me to a resonance that I could only ever dream of reaching, I knew it was there but to experience it first hand was phenomenal, and followed by the last yoga session where we touched such a unique and special energy... With much love" - Lizzie & Mark, Kent

"I must say Yoga weekend changed my life. I am obsessed about yoga now. I have been practicing Yoga everyday since the Yoga weekend on Easter. It is like a new-born mind. The yoga weekend was really amazing! Of course your yoga techniques are very good and how you teach and correct positions for us were very helpful and useful. But what I was most inspired from you was the spiritual aspect. I kept thinking who I am and what I would want to achieve in my life during the weekend. I have very busy life style so I didn't really think about it so instead I was just working and working like a machine for money. After a terrible breakup with my ex, I decided come to the Yoga weekend but probably that was the best thing that has happened to me. I remember lots of things you said but one of my favourite was, Strong body makes strong mind. It's very true but I didn't realised until you said it. I understand now I don't need expensive shoes, bags, clothes and jewelry. I should be confident without those because those are just materials which can't belong to me forever. All I want to have now is Strong body and mind therefore I am practicing everyday. I joined yoga exercising class for after work and weekends. I was taught by about 10 different teachers, butt o be honest non of them are like you. I absolutely loved your cooking, especially salads were all amazing. Thank you so much" - Mitikaya, London


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