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Spiritual Detox, Yoga, & Shamanic Wisdom Retreats in Scotland

Spiritual Detox, Yoga, & Shamanic Wisdom Retreats in Scotland

Scotland is a powerful, ancient land, with unspoilt beaches, mountains, forests, lochs, rivers, sacred sites and vast, majestic landscapes.

We hold our Spring and Autumn retreats on the West Coast of the Scottish Highlands, one of the last remaining wilderness areas in the UK. Set in a secluded location within an ancient oak woodland, overlooking loch, mountain and sea, it is a powerful and deeply beautiful place, surrounded by wildlife and ancient wisdom.

These are very special retreats, and time to journey within, to cleanse, renew and awaken connection with your soul and the sacred essence of life.


This is an invitation to enter into retreat in exquisite, majestic and pristine land, to purify and regenerate through the practice of yoga, meditation, ancient wisdom traditions, detoxification, connection with Nature, inner journeying and group reflection.

Our retreats are held within a safe and nourishing space to allow you to delve into the more subtle realms of being, to awaken your connection with your soul and the soul of the living Earth. You will be guided on a journey through your body and mind into the deeper realms of the heart, to align more fully with your sacred essence, with what you are choosing to energise and create within your life, and what you wish leave behind for the next generations.

Our retreats intend to offer you a space to begin or deepen your journey of awakening the soul and living in the sacred; learning tools with which to move beyond the patterns and tendencies which keep you caught within self-destructive and unwholesome thoughts and behaviors, so that your soul may shine again with the Divine light which you are made of. 

What are the choices that you make in each day and each moment? How can you learn to be responsible for what you create and attract to you within your life, and the impact you have upon those around you? What do you give energy to, and how do you give back to life? What is it that you wish to ‘leave behind you’ for the next generations? These are questions we will be exploring together, and looking at how we can seed new possibilities within our own lives, and use our energy to nourish the sacred seeds of life upon the Earth.

Held within a safe, nurturing container, this retreat will challenge, confront and inspire you to become more fully who you are.


What you will receive

What you will receive

  • A living experience that will inspire and sow seeds of transformation within you
  • Daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Inner journeying and shamanic soul work
  • Practices to awaken a deeper connection with Nature and the voice of the spirit
  • A deeper connection with ancient indigenous wisdom and how to apply this in your life
  • Powerful, stunning, meditayive walks in the highlands
  • A day long medicine walk / prayer journey through the mountain trails
  • Organic juices, smoothies, nourishing meals and healing herbal drinks
  • A cleansing program, and support to help you clean and replenish body, mind and soul
  • Personal guidance, reflection and energy work
  • 6 nights accommodation in beautiful wooden edo-lodge
Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

7.30am – Water Blessing Drink
7.40am – Morning practice of connecting with Nature and greeting the day
8.00am – 10am – Yoga, Meditation and breathwork
10.30am – Breakfast Superfood smoothie
11am – 1.00pm – Morning Talk Followed by Free time / Journaling*
1.00pm – 2pm - Lunch
2.30pm – 5pm – Afternoon Walk and/or Nature Connection Practice
5pm – 6.30pm – Meditation / Shamanic Practice / Breathwork / Sound Healing / Restorative Yoga
7.00 – 7.30pm – Dinner Juice
7.30pm – 9.00pm – Evening Sharing Circle / Film

*Weather depending, one day of the retreat will be a day long Medicine Walk/ Prayer Journey through one of mountain trails.

For upcoming dates see our events page

For private bookings / special requests please contact us 



"Thank you Daniela from my heart for an inspiring, eye opening retreat. It was challenging at times to look at the things inside myself that were uncomfortable and ‘ugly’, but now I can understand that it is through treating myself with compassion and being willing to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions that I am able to change and become who I really want to be. I feel so much clearer after the detox too, my body feels lighter, my mind calmer and clearer, and I feel very inspired with all the recipes and new things to try to continue to eat healthily and look after my body properly. I also really liked how you talked about nourishing the soul and feeding the mind in a good way, so that our energy is directed towards light rather than darkness. I am so grateful to have met you and am feeling excited sharing all this information with my family – if everyone could experience this the world would be a different place! Thank you so much" -Eileana, Edinburgh

“Thank you Daniela, for another profound and life transforming week. Each time I work with you, there is a deepening and revealing of more and more intricate layers of myself that you always seem to find a way to lovingly (but unwaveringly) confront and challenge me with. I am finding more and more that I can witness myself in an honest and humble way, and am feeling a strength and connection with the Great Mother growing day by day. Thank you for being such an inspiration.” ~ Mark, Sussex

"Dear Daniela, I want to really thank you for all of your kindness and teachings at the retreat, I am extremely grateful.  The week was really special, as you know, and powerful for me - I so enjoyed learning from you and I feel like it has helped me to put together the missing piece of the jigsaw. 

And I just loved the group - truly incredible souls under one roof.  Thank you so much for everything - the place, the company and the learning were all wonderful. Heartfelt thanks to you, and lots of love,” ~  Katrina, Scotland


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