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spiritual-ecologySpiritual Ecology

Our Earth is alive, a living, breathing being with a heart and a soul. She gives us life, nourishes us, feeds us, protects us, teaches us, and we are part of her. The ancient ones and those who have kept this awareness alive, know this, and live it; tread gently upon the soil, weaving prayers of light with each step. And yet, in this and many other cultures, we have become so disconnected from Nature, and from the spiritual essence of the world, distracted and fixated upon the external, and disconnected from the present, from the heart.

Our Earth is dying, and this is due to our actions. We have closed our eyes and ears from seeing, hearing and feeling the truth, and yet deep within the soul is a restlessness, an anguish, a suffering – calling us to awaken from this sleep and to return home again.



We are the only ones who can create change. And it begins within..

When we learn again to listen,

To feel,

To breathe within each moment as a living prayer.

The sacred is infused within every leaf, every rock, every drop of water, in the starlight and moonlight, the whisper in the wind…

What is the deepest calling of your heart?

What is the sacred sound of your soul?






 (more to follow soon....)


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