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Reiki, Seichem & Intuitive Healing

"All healing is first a healing of the heart." ~ Carl Townsend    

Energy_Medicine_HealingReiki, Seichem and Intuitive Healing are processes that work with Ki or Universal Life Force Energy. This Life Force Energy / Ki / Qi / Prana naturally exists within all living things and is inextricably linked with our health, vitality and wellbeing. Life force energy is the force that flows throughout the whole universe, giving life and vitality to people, animals, plants, trees, mountains, rivers and seas. 

In Nature Qi flows in harmony and balance. Our unnatural ways of living, eating and relating to the cycles of Nature limit the harmonious flow of Qi through our bodies, which leads to imbalances, weakness, stress, disease and lack of vitality. 

Energetic healing systems work by channeling universal life force energy into a persons own energy body to help restore and replenish his or her natural state of resonance and health. During a session, a practitioner will lightly lay their hands upon or over your body, acting as a 'hollow bone' or a channel for life force energy, infusing your subtle body with the vibration of Universal Love - that which we are made of. 

This form of healing is gentle, relaxing and restorative. It can be effective in relieving emotional, mental and phsyical stress and in helping to clear blocks to your growth and development. Many people expereince a deep sense of relaxation, calmness and balance as energy is restored to their systems.Hummingbird_1

These sessions can be helpful to any issue and have been effective in: 

Releasing blockages
Alleviating pain
Clearing depression and/or lack of energy
Soothing and relaxing mind and body
Helping to accept and release grief and emotional trauma
Increasing self-awareness
Encouraging energy flow





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